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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Review

One of the most popular game series of the recent times is Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar North. Majority of video games cannot compete with this series in terms of popularity or sales figures. There are many games such as rue Crime: Streets of L.A. and DRIV3R have tried to match with the standards set by GTA but they have failed. If you want to download the game for PC, check Ocean of games GTA San Andreas’ page. In this post, we have reviewed this game.

The Core Experience

The core experience is same like previous versions. The protagonist has to visit marked locations and he has to go through more than hundred missions. Every mission starts with high-choreographed scenes and movements are truly natural. The voice talent of the game is remarkable as Samuel L Jackson, Ice-T, Axl Rose, Chris Penn, Shaun Ryder, Peter Fonda, and James Woods have given their voices.

Soundtrack and Radio Service

Like previous versions, GTA San Andreas has a good collection of soundtracks and Guns ‘N’ Roses, Pearl Jam, NWA, Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy are included. There are in-between news reports, links and adverts are hilarious and don’t fail to bring a smile.

Character Customization

Unlike previous versions, GTA San Andreas gives plenty of options for customizing the main character i.e. CJ. He can look the way you want him to. His clothing, haircuts and tattoos are all changeable. You can change them by visiting the concerned shop. Also your character can eat his favorite food. He can go to gyms and these are full of exercise equipment such as treadmills, weightlifting and exercise bikes.

Statistic Upgrades

For everything your character does such as shooting, boating, flying, swimming, cycling, motor biking, there is a corresponding stats. These are displayed in form of bars so you would know how much CJ is skillful in that particular task. Two players can also take part in certain missions.

All of these features show that GTA San Andreas lives up to the expectations of gamers. Despite of so many years have been passed since its release, gamers still visit Ocean of Games GTA San Andreas page for downloading the game for PC. You will find complete version of San Andreas on Ocean of Games GTA so play it now!


Ocean of Games GTA San Andreas Free Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Free Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Free Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Free Download

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