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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare makes travelling to space a simple affair as all you have to do is pulling out of your driveway. The cast of the game looks not really impressed or amazed by the advanced technology they have. All of their time is spend in intergalactic war. The storyline of this version is well-constructed and it outshines all of its multiplayer competitors. Since its release, thousands of downloads have been made from Ocean of Games Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare page.

The previous games had a big problem related to their main narrative delivery technique and this persists even in this one. The issue is you need to comply with the orders given by computer-controlled characters. So, you have to move really slowly and sometimes it becomes frustrating.

But despite of this flaw, the core shooting mechanics used in Infinite Warfare is refined which is the best in multiplayer shooter mode. Each of your weapons has several fire modes and you become creative in your shooting. Game has exciting innovations such as spider bots and anti-grav grenades. One of the most amazing new tactics in the game is the player can direct control of rival bots by hacking the. There is also an option to replay the whole campaign once you have finished in modes like Yolo.

For me, the best feature of the game is its online multiplayer modes. The traversal mechanics used in the game appear in hiding and the huge array of options reveal. Whether you want to enjoy your lunch break with a death match, or want something more significant, Call of Duty continues to be an intuitive and slick choice to spend happy hours of gaming.

For the first time in Call of Duty history, there is an option of weapon crafting. There is a conscious effort by the game developers to reward gamers for trying various match-types. Also, the game includes a theme park reboot of zombie survival. The strongest weapons in the Infinite Warfare are prototype. These are grades from common to epic. You can collect them by earning salvage or on completing missions while you play with one of four teams.

Call of Duty is the best shooting game available in the market. Gamers anxiously wait for its next version. If you want download it for free, visit Ocean of Games Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare page.

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