GTA 5 vs. Saints Row 4: Comparison

Both of these games are available on Ocean of Games and you can download them. These games provide an open world to its players and enable them to have a complete rule how they interact. They can control games’ populous and settings. GTA V and Saints Row 4 have diverged significantly with these versions. This post has made a comparison between these versions.


First we have to look how these two versions have evolved from their predecessors. For example take Grand Theft Auto 4, this version has moved closer to add semi-mature POV and realism. On the other hand, Saints Row III have taken ideas from the Grand Theft Auto world and used it to build their own version. It’s essentially like GTA but on crack. However the Saints Row 4 has taken several leaps in graphics and settings. This game has evolved completely different from GTA to eliminate any resemblance. You can check these previous versions on Ocean of Games.


Before I move towards the major differences between these games, I will clarify one thing. While Rockstar Games planned and developed the GTA 5 as a long term stand-alone version and gave it a reboot feel, on the other hand, SR 4 was planned to be an expansion pack for the previous version. This can be proved from the fact that settings for both versions are exactly same. Hence, we lose ability to compare it with the awe player feels when exploring GTA 5’s Los Santos.

Saints Row 4 version has Steelport much like a matrix city. It is much like the present New York. Steelport showcases no beautiful sunsets or vast mountains scenes. SR 4 has stuck in the old settings, thus completely neglecting beauty perspective. It offers nothing new to explore. Indeed, it has included Tron missions but they don’t have any spectacular about them.

These two games also differ in delivering satire. The Grand Theft Auto has characters, dialogue, locations and billboards which tend to refer at real entities while SR4 has included passive references about other games.


Both of these versions are Open World/Sandbox games as they enable the player to explore the location which they chose. They play them with a 3rd person POV. This is the main reason at first glance both of them feel similar.

These games not only encourage but also reward players on stealing vehicles. Police officials are not there to capture you but try to kill you. It’s like historical events have made the population violent, bitter and angry.

Regardless of similarities and differences, both of these games are excellent in their own way. Ocean of games provides you an easy access to these and unlimited other games. So start playing now!

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